SAPEC Project Staff Induction workshop at the Programme Management Unit - Ministry of Agriculture

    SAPEC Project Staff Induction workshop at the Programme Management Unit - Ministry of Agriculture
    Photo credit: E.Vah
    The Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project conducted a Staff Induction Training Workshop in the main conference room of the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) from October 19-22, 2015. The workshop was aimed at meeting several objectives as follows:
    • To familiarize participants with MOA structure and functions;
    • To make sure participants clearly understand what is expected of them including their individual roles and responsibilities and participation in planning how they will function in their respective counties and districts and partner with stakeholders so as to hit the ground running;
    • To introduce the participants to the project, familiarizing them with its objectives and outcomes as well as the strategies, implementation tools, and main components;
    • To ensure that participants better understand the institutional framework of the project, monitoring and evaluation system, mode of technology transfer; reporting and reporting format, procurement rules and procedures, administrative procedures, financial issues including funds flow mechanism for petty cash as well as environmental and social safeguard clauses;
    • To provide firsthand information and insight on staff insurance package and benefits;
    • To provide refresher training for project drivers on the use of log sheet, winch, 4x4 drive, road safety, fire detection, prevention and safe use of extinguisher, first aid kits, etc.
    Over 80 persons attended the workshop. The participants included the Project Coordinator, Agronomist, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Procurement Officer, Infrastructure Engineer, 12 Project Focal Persons, 40 Extension Technicians and 12 Drivers. The workshop was facilitated by well-experienced and knowledgeable resource persons who were asked to deliberate on various technical, institutional, administrative and policy related matters. Resource persons were brought from the Liberian National Police, Liberian National Red Cross Society, Fire Service Agency, Continental General and Life Insurance Company, MOA Human Resource and Extension Departments with SAPEC-PIU ensuring the quality of the workshop. 
    The facilitators used a variety of methods and tools including power point presentation to ensure that participants are engaged throughout the four days of activities. Facilitators made every effort to ensure that workshop sessions were participatory and interactive as much as possible. After every presentation, time was allocated for questions and answers. The workshop documents were prepared and composited into a folder and presented during sessions as summarized outlines, slides or power-point presentations that can be used as reference materials.