FAO to Support MOA Statistics and Information Management Systems

    FAO to Support MOA Statistics and Information Management Systems
    (L-R)Agriculture Minister Dr. Moses Zinnah & FAO Country Rep Marc Abdala Photo credit:

    The Government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Agriculture Organization in Liberia on October 31 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the statistics and information management systems of the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Dr. Marc Abdala, Country Representative for FAO in Liberia indicated that support to Statistics and Information Management Systems of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) in Liberia is designed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the MOA to provide, manage and sustain a reliable database on agricultural performance. The re-establishment and strengthening of the Statistics Unit in the Department of Planning & Development of MOA, will ensure reliable and timely statistics for evidence-based planning, policy formulation and decision making. It will ensure timely access and availability of reliable data, baseline and statistics to guide and support planning and programming processes of partners including the government. Such support will also build capacity of MOA and other national counterparts to effectively, efficiently and independently conduct food security surveys, assessment and other related activities to inform planning and programming processes.

    The main objective of this intervention is to support the implementation of structured and linked information and knowledge to enable institutions and individuals from different technical backgrounds to build open and interoperable systems.

    Dr. Moses Zinnah, Minister of Agriculture expressed gratitude to FAO for the support to ensuring a strong and reliable information database is enhanced. This will help to drive the Liberia Agriculture Transformation Agenda.