MOA Hosts Extension Strategic Consultative Meeting in CARI July 14-15 , 2017

    MOA Hosts Extension Strategic Consultative Meeting in CARI July 14-15 , 2017
    Cross section of Agriculture extension staff at the Meeting in CARI Photo credit:

    About two hundred extension officers, staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and management of the Program Management Unit on July 14-15 held a two day strategic consultative meeting at the Central Agriculture Research Institute (CARI) in Bong County.

    The Assembly assessed and evaluated agriculture extension activities across the country and set the pace to strengthen agriculture growth, income generation and value addition for sustainable development of the agricultural sector.

    Hon. Seklau Wiles, Minister of Agriculture reminded extension workers of their responsibilities of seeking the wellbeing of farmers in order to achieve self-sufficiency in food production.

    She indicated that in order to ensure food and nutrition security and agriculture development in Liberia, agriculture extension and advisory service is cardinal to the mandate of the ministry. Therefore, we believe an effective and efficient agricultural extension and advisory service is the medium for the implementation of agricultural programs and projects, she emphasized .

    County Agriculture Coordinators, District Agriculture Officers and Project Focal Persons spent several hours working and deliberating on action plans to actualize and achieve the mandate and mission of the ministry.  

    During the two days intensive meeting, all County Agriculture Coordinators reported on the level of progress attained in their respective counties. They raised similar issues regarding the lack of coordination amongst project focal persons and other non-governmental organizations implementing agricultural projects. We need to go furthermore in strengthening the coordination mechanism to avoid duplication of functions, CAC’s averred. 

    Meanwhile, many stakeholders in the agricultural sector considered the CARI Assembly as the largest gathering of agriculture extension officers since 2008. They lauded the Seklau Wiles-led administration for taking such positive action.