MOA Builds Four New District Agriculture Offices In Nimba

    MOA Builds Four New District Agriculture Offices In Nimba
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    (Bahn, Nimba County, November 7, 2020): The Minister of Agriculture, Jeanine Milly Cooper, today handed over four newly built district agriculture offices in Nimba County.
    The Ministry of Agriculture’s Tree Crops Expansion Project (TCEP) with funding from the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) built the well-equipped office facilities with internet support for Bahn, Karnplay, Sanniquellie and Tappita Districts.

    “Four other district offices are being identified and will be constructed soon, Minister Cooper said, “Now, we are working to ensure that our District Agriculture Officers [DAOs] in Nimba and Lofa Counties through the TCEP project are fully empowered to do their works”. Transport logistics are being procured for the DAOs in those two countries with TCEP is intervening. 

    Deputy Agriculture Minister for Regional Development, Research and Extension, George Tee Forpoh, who accompanied Minister Cooper expressed glee for the turn-over and assured DAOs in those localities are motivated to work. DAOs work directly under the MOA’s Regional Development, Research and Extension Department to provide advisory support to farmers and coordinate the needs assessments for interventions at district levels in counties.