Grant Lifecycle



Application tools for applicants


Decision Outcomes

Stage 1

Application and Review
  1. Public invitation to submit concept notes
  2. Target groups submit concept notes and application requirements to Fund Manager
  3. Application Pack: Concept Note Template, Application and Baseline Form, Checklist of Compliance Requirements
  4. Fund Manager screens concept notes for eligibility, selection criteria and other approval procedures    5 days
  5. Shortlisted Applicants
Stage 2

Business Plan
  1. Fund Manager invites successful concept notes applicants to submit business plans and notifies unsuccessful applicants on areas for improvements and resubmission
  2. Applicants submit business plans to Fund Manager    14 days
  3. Application Pack: Business Template, Checklist of Compliance Requirements
  4. Fund Manager reviews the Business plans and conducts due diligence(including field visits) to assess projects financial, technical feasibility and institutional assessment    28 days
Stage 3

Investment Memo
  1. Fund Manager prepares investment memo based on the reviewed Business Plans and the outcome of the due diligence
  2. IAP reviews investment memo    7 days
  3. Fund Manager submits revised investment memo based on recommendations of IAP to the Fund Advisory Committee (FAC)    5 days
  4. Finalized Investment Memo
  5. FAC reviews and approves investment    7 days
  6. Fund Manager submits approved FAC investment deals for no objection by the World Bank    10 days
Stage 4

  1. Fund Manager prepares grant redemption/funding agreements/contracts on the behalf of the ministry of agriculture    2 days
  2. Grantees (applicants) & MoA sign off funding agreement    2 days
  3. Funding Agreement
  4. Funding Manager disburses funds and monitors products
  5. Fund Manager distils and disseminates relevant learning from both successful and failed projects
  6. Learning Outcomes