Liberia Agriculture Commercialization Fund (LACF)

The Liberia Agribusiness Commercialization Fund (LACF) is a component of the Smallholder Agriculture Transformation and Agribusiness Revitalization Project (STAR-P).


In line with the overall objectives of the STAR-P, the objective of LACF is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization of smallholder farmers for selected value chains in selected counties of Liberia. The Project seeks to achieve its objective of increasing agricultural productivity and promoting smallholder commercialization by facilitating private sector investment in selected value- chains and by fostering productive linkages between smallholder farmers and selected agribusiness firms to promote access to markets.

Expected Results

The STAR P project as a whole will directly benefit 17,500 smallholder farmers, of which 40 percent will be women and 35 percent as youth. The LACF will be a major contributor to achieving these expected results. The project will also specifically target the activities undertaken by women and youth through the following interventions: (i) ensuring that the criteria for selection of beneficiaries for the fund and matching grants includes up to 40 percent of targeted women and youth producer organizations; (ii) ensuring that there is gender disaggregation in the key performance indicators so that women and youth targeting is adhered to by project implementers; and (iii) Inclusion of a Social and Citizen Engagement Officer in the Project Implementation Unit to spearhead gender mainstreaming in project activities. Identification and sensitization of these groups will be undertaken through the Project Implementation Unit along with the Ministry of Agriculture extension department. Other beneficiaries include agribusinesses, and agribusiness SMEs, and other officials working in government such as elected and appointed government officials and other institutions, which provide services necessary for smallholder commercialization and agribusiness development in Liberia.