Joseph Y. Kollie / Farmer
Joseph Y. Kollie / Farmer

BCRP Support Increases Vegetable Production in Lemwu-ta, Sanoyea District

GBARNGA -MOA-BCRP/ June 19, 2024: A vegetable farmer in Lemwu-ta in Sanoyea District, Bong County Joseph Y. Kollie has called on the government to provide more support to farmers as a means of motivation to increase vegetable production throughout the country. He said Liberian farmers are enthusiastic about the government’s new agriculture development agenda but manual and subsistence method of farming cannot produce the quantity of yield required to meet the demand for vegetable production and consumption in the country
Mr. Kollie, 51 is a member of the Lemwu-ta –Welemah Farmers Association. The association has a membership of 26 farmers including males and females. They are involved in largescale production of water melons and other vegetables. The Lemwu-to – Welemah Farmers Association was recruited by the Building Climate Resilience Project (BCRP) in December 2023. The BCRP has provided inputs such as cutlasses, shovels and seeds among others.
He said with the meager support received, they have increased their production and are now able to transport two truck loads of water melons to the OMEGA market in Monrovia for sale. “Before the support from the project, we were struggling but our members have embraced the new collaboration to increase production in other crops such as pepper, bitter-balls and cucumber.”
The group is appealing to the BCRP for more support to include pressure pump machine and spraying-can to expand their production field during the dry season  

Note: The Building Climate Resilience Project (BCRP) became effective for disbursement in September 2019. The project is designed to reach 25,000 smallholder farmers including: 10,000 rice producers, 10,000 cocoa producers, 5,000 smallholder farmers from other enterprises, at least 40% will be women and 40% young people. The goal of the BCRP is that livelihoods and climate change resilience of rural farming households in Bong and parts of Lofa and Nimba counties are improved. The project development objective (PDO) is to promote agriculture as a business for enhanced incomes and reduced rural poverty in Bong County.