Dr. J. Alexander Nuetah is an experienced Agricultural Economist with more than twenty years of professional experience working with the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance and Development Planning of the Republic of Liberia. He has served as an Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as a Food Security Consultant with the World Bank office in Liberia.

Dr. Nuetah began his professional career as a Planning Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture in 2003. He then moved on to serve as a Senior Economist responsible for macroeconomic analysis and forecasting at the then Ministry of Finance. Later, he served as Assistant Minister for Economic and Financial Sector Policy at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning of the Republic of Liberia. Most recently, he served as a National Consultant for the World Bank to develop Liberia’s Food Security Crisis Preparedness Plan (FSCPP).

Prior to joining the World Bank as a consultant, Dr. Nuetah served as a Value Chain and Food System Expert and Program Policy Officer at the World Food Programme (WFP) Liberia country office. He then moved to the WFP Uganda office as a Program Policy Officer (Value Chain and Food System Consultant). Additionally, he has served as a consultant for the African Development Bank in project proposal development and conducted an assessment of Public Policy and Agricultural Development in Liberia funded by the Chinese Government through its Embassy in Liberia.

Dr. Nuetah has also served as a National Consultant for ZOA-Liberia in project evaluation, and for the ECOWAS Commission in developing Liberia’s Food Security Storage Strategy. In addition to his consultancy experience, he served on the USAID-funded Liberia Economic Policy Dialogue Activity project as a Policy Reform Expert/Principal Economist. Academically, Dr. Nuetah holds the rank of Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Liberia and serves as a part-time Lecturer at the Alexander B. Cummings School of Graduate Studies of the African Methodist Episcopal University.

Dr. Nuetah holds Master’s and PhD degrees in Regional Economics and Agricultural Economics from the China Agriculture University in Beijing, China, after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture from the University of Liberia. In addition to his academic degrees, he has received training in several areas of Macroeconomics, including Tax Administration and Revenue Forecasting from Duke University in the United States of America, and Public Financial Management (PFM) from the IMF Training Institute. His professional training also covers areas such as Financial Programming and Policies, Macroeconomic Diagnostics, Financial Market Analysis, Debt Sustainability Analysis, Macroeconometric Forecasting, Data Analysis Using Excel, Tax Analysis and Revenue Forecasting, Oriental Studies of Governance, and Macroeconomic Management in Natural Resource Rich Countries.

Dr. Nuetah is passionate about research and has published and contributed to a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.


Minister of Agriculture, R.L
Hon J. Alexander
Nuetah, PHD